Video Editing

We offer a selection of high-end editing services on two powerful workstations with 4K realtime playback. Our dedicated Resolve color-grading workstation with Flanders Scientific monitoring ensures accurate color-grading and critical review for 6K+ projects. With over 200 terabytes of online storage, 25 terabytes near-line storage, and LTO-7 archive capabilities, we can handle massive projects.

HD Video Editing ServicesFrame grab from a 9 screen display produced for General Dynamics at the Sea, Air & Space trade show.

We displayed the video at a tradeshow and it was a HUGE hit! Susan was incredible! She did an amazing job pulling
this video together with a short turn around time.

~Brenda Burdick, General Dynamics- Advanced Information Systems

Editing Services

Aerial Filmworks offers:

  • Editing with Adobe Creative Cloud on Mac and PC platforms
  • Digital Intermediate / Color Grading Services using DaVinci Resolve 11
  • Uploading to online file storage and collaborative software
  • Massive Online and Nearline file storage
  • LTO-7 Archive options

Archangel Video Restoration

Aerial Filmworks provides world class “Archangel” video restoration services. The Archangel, from the Snell Group, is a hardware-based solution that can repair video artifacts, remove defective pixels, enhance stabilization, and reduce video noise in HD footage.

Contact Us

Please call or email us for more information on our editing services, and pricing:

Email Susan Dempster: susan@aerialfilmworks.com

(704) 295-0238