Video Editing

We offer a selection of high-end editing services on two powerful workstations with 4K realtime playback. Our dedicated Resolve color-grading workstation with Flanders Scientific monitoring ensures accurate color-grading and critical review for 6K+ projects. With over 200 terabytes of online storage, 25 terabytes near-line storage, and LTO-7 archive capabilities, we can handle massive projects.

HD Video Editing ServicesFrame grab from a 9 screen display produced for General Dynamics at the Sea, Air & Space trade show.

We displayed the video at a tradeshow and it was a HUGE hit! Susan was incredible! She did an amazing job pulling
this video together with a short turn around time.

~Brenda Burdick, General Dynamics- Advanced Information Systems

Editing Services

Aerial Filmworks offers:

  • Editing with Adobe Creative Cloud on Mac and PC platforms
  • Digital Intermediate / Color Grading Services using DaVinci Resolve 11
  • Uploading to online file storage and collaborative software
  • Massive Online and Nearline file storage
  • LTO-7 Archive options

Contact Us

Please call or email us for more information on our editing services, and pricing:

Email Susan Dempster: susan@aerialfilmworks.com

(704) 295-0238