Shotover F1

Shotover F1

A 6-axis gyro stabilized platform that delivers stability with look down capability for use inverted, or right side up—on almost anything that moves. Multiple camera and lens options can be configured. Like the Cineflex Elite systems, the Carbon Fiber construction allows hand-carry of the Shotover F1 as excess baggage on most commercial flights worldwide with a basic ATA Carnet. The Shotover F1 is compatible with most FAA and EASA approved helicopter mounts. Weight is approximately 130 lbs with the maximum payload.

Gimbal Field of View

Pan: 360 degrees continuous (via electrical and optical rotary joints)
Tilt: +45 to -140 degrees
Roll: +/-85 degrees (steerable or auto horizon)
Max slew rate: 100 deg/sec

Aerial Filmworks provides experienced and certified Shotover technicians and camera operators. The Aerial Filmworks hangar is available as a production base to all clients with fast 200 mbps internet access in an air-conditioned comfortable workspace.

RED 6K Dragon Lens Options

Shotover F1 RED Lens Options


Shooter Alexa Mini Lens Options

Sony F55 Lens Options

Shotover Sony F55 Lens Options

For more camera package and lens options, visit the Shotover F1 web site.