We custom-designed a camera truck for the Cineflex systems. The camera operator and director ride safely inside the truck. With an iCom air-to-ground base station, the Cinetruck can also be used as the chase vehicle for aerial productions.

Ford F250 4×4 Diesel Super Duty truck. 4 door Crew Cab. Three electrical systems- 110v, 27v and 12v. Huge deep cycle marine batteries for silent operation. 17 inch Panasonic HD operator monitor with waveform, plus 8 inch Panasonic HD monitor for the director. Four wheel drive. Sunroof. DVD player. Honda 2000w generator. Leather seats for 3 crew: director, operator and driver.

More Power and Better Mileage

We contracted Banks Power in Southern California to modify the 6.0L turbo diesel engine. The Cinetruck has far better performance in both high altitude and hot desert conditions. The Techni-Cooler, Ram-Air and Monster Exhaust systems improved fuel mileage by 15% and added 25% more horsepower.

Cinetruck filming motorcycle riders.

Custom Front Mount for Fast Install

We installed a heavy duty front receiver for fast mounting of the Cineflex on the front bumper. Our adjustable custom mount allows for a range of camera heights. Over 180 degrees of camera pan are possible in this configuration. Set-up takes less than 15 minutes to move the camera from the top center position to a front bumper position.