Cineflex Systems

The Cineflex systems are the lightest weight and lowest cost systems aerial platforms available. Our Cineflex systems have RED 6K Dragon cameras, ARRI Alexa-M cameras, and Canon Cinema lenses. All our systems rig in less than 2 hours, and can be hand-carried as excess baggage anywhere in the world. Aerial FIlmworks owns 2 Cineflex Elite systems including the newest modular system to swap between RED and ARRI cameras, the Cineflex Ultra,and a Cineflex V14HD.

Lower Cost Aerial Production

The Cineflex systems are the efficient choice for lowering aerial filming production expenses. The lightweight system is less expensive to ship, delivers more time in the air, and can travel as excess baggage. When the aerial camera operator rigs the gear, travel expenses are reduced to one airfare, per diem and hotel. In comparison to the heavier systems, the Cineflex gear can ship across the USA for a fraction of the shipping fees. The money saved on logistics can be used for more flight hours.

The Cineflex Elite can be mounted on all aircraft including the Astar AS350 and Twinstar AS355, Bell 206 Jet Ranger, Bell 206L Long Ranger, Bell 407, and the Robinson R44. For the first time in the history of aerial cinematography, feature film quality is now affordable for all productions anywhere in the world.

Easy International Logistics

The Cineflex Elite has no ITAR export restrictions! The gear can usually be checked as excess baggage to most international destinations. The camera operator and the gear arrive at the same time. Aerial Filmworks has eliminated the costly expense of freight forwarders, customs brokers, and delayed equipment. We have full-time in house export expertise, and are registered with both the State and Commerce Departments to file our own Shippers Export Documents through the secure D-Trade system.

Fast Installation

Installation is easy with a complete rigging requiring 1-2 hours depending on the helicopter type. View our time-lapse installation of the Cineflex Elite below, or on our Vimeo channel.

Cineflex Ultra

The Cineflex Ultra not only changes the game, but re-writes all of the rules! The Ultra integrates a RED 6K Dragon camera with the world’s most advanced gyro-stabilized aerial camera system. Aerial Filmworks newest Cineflex comes with multiple lens options including the Canon 30-300mm Cinema Zoom and Canon 14.5-60mm Cinema Zoom.

Our RED Carbon Fiber Dragon is configured with the RED 512Gb and 1Tb MINIMAG Side module which doubles record time. A quick-change gimbal door allows media changes in less than 1 minute. All RED Dragon camera controls are via the camera operator’s on-screen display, or through the REDMOTE.

The re-engineered laptop controller includes LED lighting and a USB power port for charging of iPhones and mobile devices.

Cineflex Ultra Laptop Controller

GEO+ Geo-Lock. Geo-Referencing. Real Time Virtual Overlay

Our new Cineflex Ultra includes GEO+ capability with geo-lock, geo-referencing, lens data, and real-time vector overlays. All data is referenced to video time-code, and can be downloaded to USB drive. Using the RED 6K Dragon, directors can now film plates and export 19 megapixel (6144 x 3160) image frames at the same time.

VFX supervisors can now view placement of objects in real-time as a virtual overlay while flying, and walk away with a data file of every camera move, helicopter position, and lens data on a simple USB drive.

Virtual Overlay

Cineflex Elite

Cineflex EliteThe new lightweight Cineflex Elite with integrated ARRI ALEXA cameras provide directors with more creative freedom at a lower cost than any other aerial filming gyro-stabilized system. The Cineflex Elite combines the ARRI ALEXA Super 35 camera and Canon 4K Cinema Zoom lenses into the 5 axis gyro-stabilized Cineflex for rock solid imagery in all weather conditions. Onboard recording is available to XR Capture Drives and SxS Pro Media cards. The ARRI ALEXA has high speed rates up to 120 frames per second. Lens choices include Canon 14.5-60mm and 30-300mm Cinema zooms. Both our ARRI cameras have been upgraded to capture ProRes 3.2K files.

Creative Freedom for the Director

Cineflex Elite ARRI ALEXA-M

When the Director needs the ARRI ALEXA for aerials, the Cineflex Elite is the right choice. The Canon Digital Cinema Zoom lenses provide versatility and impeccable optics. With onboard recording inside the helicopter and instant playback, maximum flight times can be achieved without the need to land the helicopter to reload film mags or digital media.

Cineflex Elite Canon Digital Cinema Lenses

Cineflex V14

The Cineflex V14 is the workhorse of the aerial industry. With over 300 Cineflex systems throughout the world, the amazing gyro-stabilization and rock solid images have changed the face of nature documentary and adventure sport films. Our Cineflex V14 systems provide coverage of every major sporting event including the Superb, NYC and Chicago Marathons, and the BAJA 1000 desert road race. Over 30 Cineflex V14 systems work on every Olympic Games.

Cineflex V14 Systems

Cineflex V14

Cineflex V14HD is the ultimate lightweight, high-definition gyro-stabilized camera system. With numerous helicopter mounts and marine or land-based options, the camera delivers beautiful HD video. The Cineflex V14HD can operate at up to 160 mph and features the ability of 360 degree continuous pan, 165 degree tilt, and +/- 45 degrees roll, automatic and steerable, all with amazing accuracy and stability.

Designed around Sony’s CineAlta HDC1500 series, the Cineflex utilizes top-quality Fujinon lenses that are specifically adjusted by Fujinon for use in the Cineflex gimbal. Full 1920 x 1080 resolution with dual-link 4:4:4 video output is standard. The auxiliary box provides multiple 12v power outlets for monitors along with SD and HD SDI connections.

The durable carbon-fiber encased laptop controller contains a Sony RM-B750 for easy access to all camera exposure, gamma, and color functions. Camera operators can preset or store scene files for sequence continuity.