Support Gear


The Cineflex package is only the start! Aerial Filmworks provides all the extras for smooth and successful productions.

Support Gear

• Ground-to-Air Radios: Hand-held iCom units (6) and a mobile base station in both our Cinetruck and fuel truck.

• Motorola Production Radios: Hand-held Motorola units (4) for ground communication.

• GPS: Garmin 496 Aviation GPS with Live XM Weather for accurate flight planning and operations.

• Generator: 1000w and 2000w Honda generators

• Life Vests: FAA approved life vests for over-water flights.

• Safety Harnesses: For open door still photography.

• Cranes: Enlouva 22 foot crane for use with our Cinetruck or on boats.

• Uni-Mount: For mounting of the CIneflex to vehicles and boats.