Helicopter Mounts

Aerial Filmworks owns FAA approved helicopter mounts for most film helicopters. Mounts ship in lightweight Pelican/Storm cases and meet most airline regulations for checked luggage. Use this page to download FAA STC and Transport Canada documents.

Aerial Filmworks provided the Airfilm AFSP mount and Cineflex V14HD for use on ERA Helicopter’s A-Star AS350-B2 for filming the Alaska sequence of the “That’s It That’s All” snowboard film with Director Curt Morgan.

Airfilm AFSP
Nose-mount for the Eurocopter AS350 BA, B2, B3 or AS355 TwinStar helicopters.

STC Downloads


Transport Canada AFSP Approval

The belly pan of the AS350/355 series requires a small slot to be cut in the belly pan for the front mount bracket. This installation is referenced in the STC.

AFSP Belly Pan Template

Cineflex V14HD Nose-Mount on Bell 206-B3 Jet RangerAirfilm AFG-1 nose mount on a Bell 206-B3 Jet Ranger from the National Police of Serbia on a recent Cineflex V14HD production in Belgrade.

Airfilm AFG1
Nose-mount for the Bell 206-B Jet Ranger, Bell 206-L Long Ranger, and Bell 407 helicopters. This mount requires no modifications to the helicopter. An optional Light Kit for night flights is also available.

Airfilm G2 Counterweight for Bell 206 Jet Ranger

Airfilm G2 Counterweight for CIneflex

STC Downloads


Transport Canada AFG1 Approval

Please contact Airfilm for the most recent STC versions.

Specialized Mounts

Oman Cineflex Aerial Project

Aerial Filmworks can also provide custom modified mounts for unique environments where field approval can be granted by the local aviation authority. These mounts usually position the Cineflex from the side of the helicopter and have been used on productions where military aircraft are the only available helicopter option.

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