HD Video Restoration

Aerial Filmworks provides world class “Archangel” video restoration services. The Archangel Ph.C-HD restoration system, from the Snell Group, is a hardware-based solution that repairs video artifacts, removes defective pixels, enhances stabilization, and reduces video noise. The Archangel can be used to clean-up archive material, reduce video noise incurred from high ISO or low-light production scenes, or simply add that extra enhancement before going to the final deliverable.

” I recently had an Arri Alexa green screen shoot that wound up with low light noise in the blacks. The Archangel eliminated the noise and amazingly kept the fine detail and sharpness of the original scene.
The Archangel quickly fixed our problem and saved our spots.”

~ Graham Smith, Digital Image Tech

The Archangel can process both SD and HD footage including dual-link 4:4:4 HDCAM SR tape capture. Aerial Filmworks can process original HDCAM SR footage with throughput directly to HDCAM SR. Our team has been specifically trained by Snell Group engineers to obtain optimal results from the Archangel.

Video Artifact Removal

Unfortunately, the video production world can be full of surprises that only present themselves in the edit suite when a re-shoot is no longer possible. The Archangel can eliminate or significantly reduce these problems, and rescue otherwise unusable footage. Aerial Filmworks can process the damaged footage in real-time from digital files or tape, and output back to tape or digital files. All combinations of input and output are possible.

before_after640Before and after sample at 200% view showing results of Archangel removal of video artifacts.

Noise Reduction

aa_noiseBefore and after sample at 200% view showing results of Archangel noise reduction. Please note how the defined edges of the building remain sharp after processing.

“I tested every hardware and software plug-in available to reduce noise and remove artifacts. None compared to the Archangel. I can now reduce noise without reducing the overall sharpness of the image, in real-time!”

~ Susan Dempster, Senior Video Editor

The Archangel can reduce noise without compromising image sharpness. Aerial Filmworks tested every software plug-in available and in all cases, the trade-off for reduced noise was unacceptable “mushing” of the detail areas. The actual amount of noise reduction depends on the original image- minor noise can be completely removed, while heavy noise will be signficantly reduced. Our clients are welcome to monitor the Archangel restoration process to achieve their desired effect.

Restoration of Old Film and Video

The Archangel specializes in repairing old film with amazing results. The following defects can be removed in real-time:

  • Tramline Scratch
  • Dust and Dirt
  • Graininess
  • Luma Flickering
  • Unsteadiness
  • Dropouts


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