Feature Film, Car and High Profile Television Commercials

Cineflex Elite with ARRI ALEXA

When the Director needs the best aerial filming solution, the Cineflex Elite is the right choice. The ARRI ALEXA and a wide lens selection provide versatility and impeccable optics. With onboard recording inside the helicopter, maximum flight times can be achieved with the need to reload film mags or digital media.

Coming Soon: Graphics data package with turret angles, lens data, GPS coordinates, altitude, airspeed, and virtual horizon. Data refreshed every 1 second and recorded to MicroSD card.

Creative Freedom for the Director

The versatile ARRI ALEXA outputs a wide variety of codecs and formats. Simultaneous capture of both ARRIRAW files and 1080p Apple ProRes 4444 files are possible.
The new lightweight Cineflex Elite with the ARRI ALEXA camera offers directors more creative freedom at a lower cost than any other gyro-stabilized system. The Cineflex Elite integrates the ARRI ALEXA Super 35 camera and Canon 4k Digital Cinema Zoom lenses into the 5 axis gyro-stabilized Cineflex for rock solid imagery in all weather conditions. Onboard recording is available to SxS cards, or 3G single or dual link for ARRIRAW capture. Action scenes can now be filmed with high speed rates up to 120 frames per second. Lens choices include 14.5-60mm and 30-300mm zooms.

Lower Cost Aerial Production

In most cases, the aerial camera operator rigs the gear. Travel expenses are reduced to one airfare, per diem and hotel. In comparison to the Pictorvision Eclipse, Spacecam or Shotover systems, the Cineflex Elite gear can ship across the USA for a fraction of the shipping fees for the heavier systems. The money saved on logistics can be used for more flight hours.

The Cineflex Elite can be mounted on all aircraft including the Astar AS350 and Twinstar AS355, Bell 206 Jet Ranger, Bell 206L Long Ranger, Bell 407, and the Robinson R44. For the first time in the history of aerial cinematography, feature film quality is now affordable for all productions anywhere in the world.

Easy International Logistics

The Cineflex Elite can travel to almost every country in the world! The gear can usually be checked as excess baggage to most international destinations. The camera operator and the gear arrive at the same time. Aerial Filmworks has eliminated the costly expense of freight forwarders, customs brokers, and delayed equipment. We have full-time in house export expertise, and are registered with both the State and Commerce Departments to file our own Shippers Export Documents through the secure D-Trade system.