Demo Reels

Popocatépetl Has Spoken

Aerial Filmworks filmed Popocatépetl for the newest BBC mini-series on Mexico. Read the behind-the-scenes on filming an exploding volcano!

Client: BBC
Aerial Director Of Photography: Ron Chapple
Film Pilot: Garner Shepherd

Exploring Patagonia

Aerial Filmworks filmed Patagonia starting in Cape Horn. Watch the “Patagonia Aerials: Fly Along with the Crew” short film for a behind-the-scenes view of an aerial crew.

Client: BBC
Aerial Director Of Photography: Ron Chapple
Film Pilot: Pablo Blnco

New Lexus Commercial

Aerial Filmworks provided the aerial crew for the newest Lexus car commercial. The director requested the Cineflex Elite with ARRI Alexa, and Canon cinema lenses.

Agency: Team One LA
Director: Ian Mackenzie
Aerial Director Of Photography: Mark Gerasimenko
Film Pilot: Garner Shepherd

Dubai : Aloft

Dubai is an amazing city… the old town contrasts with the newest architecture of skyscrapers that seem to touch the sky. Ron Chapple, Aerial Director of Photography, worked with the Cineflex Elite and ARRI Alexa-XTM camera for one amazing day cinematography with the helicopter provided by HeliDubai. All images were filmed with the Canon 30-300 cinema lens. Our Dubai team will expedite aerial permits, arrange for police roadblocks, and make any arrangements necessary for a successful production. Our credits include Fast & Furious 7, and Deliver Us from Evil, a Sony Pictures film.

Action! Two Cineflex Systems. One Helicopter

See the advantages of flying action scenes with two Cineflex systems on one helicopter, and a 3rd Cineflex system rigged to the CineX off-road camera vehicle. The Cineflex is the lightest weight and most versatile gyro-stabilized aerial camera system in the industry. With just one helicopter, the Director can now have both wide and tight shots, plus standard and high speed frame rates!

Aerial Filmworks rigged 2 Cineflex Elite systems to a Eurocopter AS350-B2. One system used an ARRI Alexa-XTM with a Canon 30-300mm, while an ARRI Alexa-M and Canon 14.5-60mm was integrated into the other Cineflex Elite. A project base of 23.976 FPS was set with high frames rates up to 120 FPS.

The CineX off-road camera vehicle was also rigged with a Cineflex Elite, ARRI Alexa-XTM and Canon 30-300mm. The vehicle, with custom suspension by Fireball Racing and the Airfilm UniMount, was used for completely stabilized ground level angles. Use of the CineX and Cineflex saved production expenses by eliminating the need to rig dolly track in the Arizona desert.

Most productions bring along a behind-the-scenes team to film the crew. On this shoot, the behind-the-scenes team brought along a production unit! Behind-the-scenes cameras included RED Epic-X, RED Scarlet, Canon 5D, and GoPros. A 4th Cineflex V14 was flown for the air-to-air. With a crew of 22 people, Aerial Filmworks in collaboration with Buddy Sosthand, Second Unit Director, and Craig “Sawman” Sawyer, Tactical Adviser, produced the action scenes at the amazing Cowtown location just north of Phoenix.

Stay tuned for 2 more edits, one of just the vehicle chase, and a second with a complete behind-the-scenes interviews and extensive technical information.

Full credit list on the Vimeo page!

Los Angeles | A Unique Perspective

All footage created with Cineflex gyro-stabilized systems using a variety of lenses and cameras. Footage includes a unique view of the skyline and time-lapse scenes of the LAX airport. Cameras included the ARRI Alexa-M and Sony HDC1500 with Canon 14.5-60mm, Canon 30-300mm cinema zooms, and the Fujinon 13x 4.5mm super wide. Sensor sizes were set to ARRIRAW, 2K and 1080p with recording to XR Capture Drives, AJA KiPro, and SxS 64Gb Pro Media. Time-lapse scenes were flown at slow airspeeds using the ARRI Alexa capability to set custom frame rates. The aerial team worked out of Aerial Filmworks’ new hangar at Hawthorne Airport, just 3 minutes flight time from LAX.

Cineflex Elite Demo Reel

The Cineflex Elite integrates the ARRI ALEXA camera and Canon Digital Cinema Zoom lenses into the proven rock-solid stabilization of the Cineflex system. Using the latest technology, new Cineflex Elite changes the game for aerial cinematography. The ARRI ALEXA future-proofs the investment in aerial production by simultaneously recording ARRIRAW 2880 x 1620 files to a Gemini 444 and Apple ProRes 1080p to SxS Pro Media. Directors can immediately view footage while in the air, and the edit team can quickly integrate digital files into the post-production workflow. The demo reel was filmed in Northern California from sea level in Redwoods National Park to 14,000 feet at Mount Whitney.

New York City

New demo reel of New York City set to music from the amazing Luke Richards. All clips available as HD stock footage.

US Navy- The JHSV by Austal and General Dynamics

The new Joint High Speed Vehicle ship for the US Navy. Filmed in Mobile, Alabama and up to 50 miles offshore in the Gulf Coast of Mexico.

Grand Canyon National Park

Aerial Filmworks is working in conjunction with the National Park to document all 277 miles of the Grand Canyon in both HD footage and high-resolution GPS embedded images. All clips available as HD stock footage.

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