Cineflex Sales

Aerial Filmworks provides aerial systems consultation, technical RFP consultation, camera installation and camera operator training for the Cineflex family of products. Your success is our motivation! We have extensive knowledge, and the pros/cons, of all gyrostabilized systems, helicopter mounts, and accessories.

Cineflex Ultra. Modular. Interchangeable Cameras and Lenses.

The newest Cineflex Ultra is the amazing new Cineflex platform built on years of experience and extensive research. Cameras and lenses are modular, and interchangeable. Cineflex systems are the lightest weight gyro-stailized aerial platform in the industry.

Combined with a Fujinon 42x 9.7 lens and the IBE B4/PL HDx35 adapter, the Cineflex Ultra and RED 6K Carbon Fiber Dragon stabilizes the equivalent of a 4,000mm lens!

Cineflex Elite. ARRI ALEXA. Canon Digital Cinema Lenses.

Cineflex Elite

The Cineflex Elite is the pinnacle of aerial production. Over the past 2 years, Ron Chapple, Aerial Director for Aerial Filmworks, consulted closely with the design engineers at General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies to develop and design the new Cineflex Elite. The Elite integrates the amazing and award-winning ARRI Alexa Super 35 Digital Cinema camera and Canon 4K Digital Cinema lenses into a 5-axis gyro-stabilized system. The new system works on all existing helicopter, marine and vehicle mounts.

Download specs for the new Cineflex Elite.

True Believers

Cineflex V14HD and MSII Gyro-Stabilized Cameras

Aerial Filmworks owns and operates Cineflex Ultra, Cineflex Elite, Cineflex V14 systems. Potential customers will find the Aerial Filmworks team eager to share their knowledge and experience using the Cineflex systems. “We are real world users” states Ron Chapple, CEO of Aerial Filmworks, “We use our Cineflex systems in extreme environments on demanding film productions around the world.”

Cineflex V14 and Cineflex Media: High Definition for Television, Documentary, Sports and Electronic News Gathering

Cineflex V14 is the ultimate lightweight, high-definition gyro-stabilized camera system. With numerous helicopter mounts and marine or land-based options, the camera delivers amazingly smooth and beautiful HD video. The Cineflex V14 can operate at up to 200 mph and features the ability of 360 degree continuous pan, 165 degree tilt, and +/- 45 degrees roll, automatic and steerable, all with amazing accuracy and stability.

Designed around Sony’s CineAlta HDC2500, the Cineflex V14 utilizes top-quality Fujinon lenses that are specifically adjusted by Fujinon for use in the Cineflex gimbal. Full 1920 x 1080 resolution with dual-link 4:4:4 video output is standard. The auxiliary box provides multiple 12v power outlets for monitors along with SD and HD SDI connections. The new Cineflex Media is purpose built for the electronic news gathering industry and includes the brand new Sony HDC2400 camera.

The durable carbon-fiber encased laptop controller contains a Sony RM-B750 for easy access to all camera exposure, gamma, and color functions. Camera operators can preset or store scene files for sequence continuity.

Interchangeable Lenses

The Cineflex V14 systems have a selection of lens options from the long Fujinon 42x 13.5mm to the 13x 4.5mm extreme wide. Each lens option is specially fitted with new servos and controls, and counterbalanced for smooth performance. Every lens has an optical doubler plus the internal Sony digital doubler for maximum zoom range.

Used Cineflex Systems

Used Cineflex V14 Systems are occasionally available. Cineflex re-sale value holds up exceedingly well! Used systems are inspected and serviced by General Dynamics, and extended warranties can be provided at a nominal cost.

Please contact us if you are searching for a used Cineflex system. We can assist in international export licenses, provide recommendations for helicopter mounts, record decks, power supplies and monitors.

If you have a used Cineflex system to sell, please contact us.