“Art of Rap” Premieres to Rave Reviews at Sundance

Rolling Stone magazine has named “Art of Rap” as one of the ten best music films at the Sundance 2012 Film Festival. Ice-T’s new documentary on the “Art of Rap” premiered at Sundance on January 21. Ron Chapple, Aerial Director of Photography, filmed the New York City and Los Angeles scenes while Gray Mitchell of Aerial Filmworks was the camera operator for the Detroit sequence. Aerial Filmworks provided the complete Cineflex V14HD camera system and Sony SRW1 HDCAM SR record deck.

Directed by Ice-T and produced by Paul Toogood, the aerial crew worked with Director of Photography Andy Baybutt to create the unique aerial look.

I am overjoyed with the results of our filming days. The contrast of street shots and helicopter are working tremendously, establishing our artists very well. Thank you again for your outstanding work!”

~Andy Baybutt, Director of Photography, Art of Rap

Director Andy Baybutt During Aerial Filming for "Art of Rap"Director of Photography Andy Baybutt during aerial filming.

“Neon-colored aerial shots of New York and LA, scenes of graffiti art
and bustling inner-city streets provide dynamic B-roll footage.”

~The Hollywood Reporter

“This is one of the most visually sumptuous docs… those shots
from the sky of New York and Los Angeles are some of the best I’ve seen in any movie.”

~Sebastian Gutierrez, Film Critic

“The sweeping, stylized overhead shots of New York, Detroit and Los Angeles practically pulse off the screen…”

Katie Calautti, Spin Online

Intertwined are loving aerial shots… New York, Los Angeles, and Detroit, beautifully captured skylines
energized by the loops of hip hop classics…

~John Wellington Ennis, Huff Post Entertainment

New York City for "Art of Rap"New York City aerial from Bell 206-L3 Long Ranger helicopter provided by Mercury Aviation and flown by Film Pilot Coyt Bailey.

Los Angeles Sunset for "Art of Rap"Los Angeles aerial from Bell 206-B3 Jet Ranger helicopter provided by Corporate Helicopters and flown by Film Pilot Garner Shepherd.

Sunset scene from "Art of Rap" Movie by Ice-T. Filmed with Cineflex V14HD.Sunset scene from “Art of Rap” Documentary by Ice-T. Filmed with Cineflex V14HD.

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