Aerial Filmworks Shoots for the Dallas Series

Ron Chapple of Aerial Filmworks worked with Director of Photography Rodney Charters to film the opening scenes for the new Dallas pilot. TNT is re-creating the world famous television series to premiere in Summer 2012. Audiences were treated to a sneak preview of the pilot in mid-July.

Southfork Ranch from the TV series Dallas. Southfork Ranch from the TV series Dallas filmed by Ron Chapple of Aerial Filmworks.



Rod Tinney of Air Center Helicopters provided the Bell 407 helicopter for the filming. Rod also arranged permissions for the crew to film directly over the top of Texas Stadium along with safety pre-scouting of the various locations including Southfork Ranch. The aerial unit was able to accomplish several complex scenes with cowboys, drill rigs, and herds of cattle all in one day. Rodney Charters posted on Twitter through the day showcasing the capabilities of the Cineflex V14HD.

640_dallas_407 Cineflex V14HD mounted using the Airfilm AFG-1 mount on a Bell 407 in front of the Texas Stadium during filming for the new Dallas television pilot.


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