Aerial Filmworks Invests in First Cineflex Elite

Aerial Filmworks invests in the first Cineflex Elite gyro-stabilized camera system available to the global market. The Elite will integrate the amazing and award-winning ARRI Alexa-M Super 35 Digital Cinema camera and Canon 4K Digital Cinema lenses into a 5-axis gyro-stabilized system. The new system will work on all existing helicopter, marine and vehicle mounts.

Cineflex Elite

“Aerial Filmworks has always been at the forefront of providing our customers with the most innovative tools for aerial production,” states Ron Chapple, Aerial Director and Founder of Aerial Filmworks, “and our investment in the first Cineflex Elite system extends this commitment well into the future.”

Aerial Filmworks will also acquire both Canon FK30-300mm and FK14.5-60mm lenses offering aerial production an excellent focal range for all productions from epic landscapes to wildlife nature documentary.

Evolution of the Cineflex System

Over the past 2 years, Ron Chapple consulted closely with the design engineers at General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies to develop and design the new Cineflex Elite. In 2010, the Division Manager of the General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies group commissioned Aerial Filmworks to research the future of aerial cinematography. The result, along with additional input from top aerial cinematographers, became the foundation for the new Cineflex Elite.

Click here to download Cineflex Elite Specification PDF.

Highest Resolution Cineflex

Cineflex Elite With ARRI Alexa-M Digital Cinema CameraDesign engineers at General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies worked with ARRI to integrate the new Alexa-M into the Cineflex Elite. The optical block will be connected to the camera body via fiber optics.

“The Cineflex ELITE is our highest-resolution system yet, expanding the proven quality, versatility and rugged reliability of our systems to motion-picture cinematography,” said Bob McGill, vice president and general manager of General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies. “The Cineflex ELITE provides directors with a system that is smaller, lighter and easier to rig than any other camera system of its class, giving them the flexibility they need to get the breathtaking images that capture viewers’ imagination.”

Canon Lenses for the Cineflex EliteTwo Canon lenses will be integrated into the Cineflex Elite: FK30-300mm and FK14.5-60mm.

Key Features

Key features and advancements in the new Cineflex ELITE system include:

  • Ultra compactness and ease of use
  • Excellent low light and night cinematography
  • Integrated Arri Alexa-M Super 35 Camera System
  • Integrated Canon FK30-300mm and FK14.5-60mm lenses
  • Modular design for future upgrades
  • Fully-integrated Filter Set

Click here to download Cineflex Elite Specification PDF.

Authorized Reseller

Aerial Filmworks is the authorized reseller of the Cineflex Elite and all General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies products in the USA and Canada.

About Aerial Filmworks

Aerial Filmworks provides high-definition video Cineflex V14HD and Cineflex Elite camera systems and aerial filming services to the international entertainment, documentary and corporate marketplace. Highly regarded by award-winning clients, the Cineflex V14HD and Cineflex Elite provides the highest level of image gyro-stabilization. Our dedicated, experienced camera operators have thousands of hours using the Cineflex for clients including Disney, Discovery Channel, BBC, CBC, PBS/Nature, National Geographic, History Channel, Planet Green, Freeride World Tour, Red Bull, Burton Snowboards, Amazing Race and CBS/Survivor. Aerial Filmworks is a highly responsive company with over 25 years of aerial photography experience. Dedicated to providing Cineflex V14HD and Cineflex Elite systems and services, our experienced aerial filming crews specialize in location work all over the world.

Aerial Filmworks delivers Google Earth pre-flight visualization, GPS preparation and flight logistical planning; Geo-coded HD video and images for land survey or mapping; Google Earth integration of video, stills, 360 interactive panoramas, podcasts, historical imagery, topographic maps and data.

With in-house HD video suite utilizing Apple’s Final Cut Pro, Aerial Filmworks also delivers professional editing and color-grading, and BluRay/DVD output using robust 12-core MacPros, over 120 Terabytes of online RAID, Snell ArchAngel restoration, AJA Kona3, HDCAM/HDCAM SR Decks, and fast h.264 encoding.