Cineflex Elite. Rock solid aerials. Cineflex Ultra. Brilliant imagery.
ARRI Alexa. RED 6K Dragon. Gyro-stabilized aerial systems.
ProRes 4444 XQ. Extensive metadata. Geo-referencing solutions.

Our passion is enabling creative vision with smart technology,
battle-tested expertise, and unwavering support.
Professional UAS/Drone Services

Using the same team for all aerial work just makes sense. Same vision, less crew, more cost savings.

Aerial Filmworks now provides professional UAS services with highly experienced pilots. Our Aerial Directors of Photography have years of gyro-stabilized knowledge, and bring their unique vision to the project. We bring all out knowledge of aerial operations, plus ground safety coordinators, aerial coordinators, and apply the
exact same safety standards that we would use on a full size helicopter shoot.

Need aerial stock footage? Aerial Filmworks has cities, scenics, and more. Visit our Aerial Stock page.

New West Coast Base – Los Angeles

Our new West Coast hangar is just a 10 minute drive from the LAX airport. Helicopter flight time to downtown Los Angeles is only 6 minutes! The hangar is available for flight planning, studio rental, and as an aerial production base.

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New 2015 Lexus Car Commercial

Aerial Filmworks provided aerial crew, Cineflex Elite and ARRI Alexa for the newest Lexus commercial.