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Cineflex Elite. Rock solid aerials. Cineflex Ultra. Brilliant imagery.
ARRI Alexa. RED 6K Dragon. Gyro-stabilized aerial systems.
ProRes 4444 XQ. Extensive metadata. Geo-referencing solutions.

Our passion is enabling creative vision with smart technology,
battle-tested expertise, and unwavering support.
GEO+ Advanced Geo-Referencing Technology

Geo-referencing and geo-tracking applications for advanced aerial survey
and the latest "follow me" technology. Real-time vector overlay capability
merges the virtual and real worlds. Anything is possible.

New West Coast Base – Los Angeles

Our new West Coast hangar is just a 10 minute drive from the LAX airport. Helicopter flight time to downtown Los Angeles is only 6 minutes! The hangar is available for flight planning, studio rental, and as an aerial production base.

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